Heavy Duty 4x2 to 4x4

Capability World-leader in 4x4 Conversions

Specially produced Heavy-Duty 4x4 products (like the IVECO Daily 4x4 55 ) are intended to be used in Extreme All-Terrain environments. Many end-users need 4x4 light trucks to be used on construction sites, on snowy roads, in farms, in the mines etc.

The 4x4 needs of such environment call for a simpler solution. Additionally, such users also use their vehicles mainly on regular roads, so they need to have “on-demand 4x4” to make use of 4x2’ better fuel economy under regular conditions.

An SCV/SCAM 4X4 conversion consist of:

  • Adding a new “Front Differential” (SCAM-branded, with minimal invasiveness)
  • Adding a 2-speed, partitime Transfer Case (SCAM branded, optimised for light Commercial use)
  • Daily chassis and front-drive modifications
  • Doing electronics “matching”
  • (Optionally) replacing rims/tires & suspensions, offering under-floor protecting and other modifications